Every man begins his life as a piece of steel. No form, no sense of meaning, unaware of its value. Only the Craftsman knows its destiny. What is needed is heat. A lot of heat. Because it can get formed only by fire of struggle. What is needed is huge pressure, because it is formed as it faces the adversity.

Unfortunately, we let the Devil be the craftsman instead of God. He started to form our sexuality by the fire of desire. He formed us by our experiences with pornography, sexual fantasies and cheating. Eventually, we lost control over it.

But it is high time we surrender to the righteous Craftsman.

When He forms us, we will be ready to get up and FIGHT!

To fight for marriage, families and brothers-in-arms.

Let’s heat the furnace! Make the K U Ź N I A work!

The K U Ź N I A

is a christian counseling office which provides proffesional help concerning addictive therapy on man’s sexuality. Moreover, it runs educational, preventive and pastoral activities and aims to raise awareness of human sexuality.

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